Kim Bianca Williams is a native New Yorker who relocated from Georgia where she lived for over twenty years.  There she served as a community advocate and professional development consultant and brings with her a wealth of skills, talents and of course, southern charm! 

Every presentation Kim Bianca delivers draws on personal experience, in-depth knowledge, and a wealth of professional expertise. She is well versed in the requirements of adult learners, and her extensive training background helps her to quickly identify and respond to the unique needs of her participants. Her seminars are fast-paced, engaging, and humorous … yet firmly focused on finding solutions, achieving goals, and building confidence.

As a professional speaker, facilitator and educator, Kim Bianca has extensive experience delivering a variety of seminars to audiences across the country.  Her corporate background gives her added depth and insight into the needs of today's professionals, and her presentations reflect her knowledge and expertise.



We support responsible urban development by empowering community stakeholders with tools, resources, and confidence to execute small-scale real estate development deals.

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We  lead, empower, and change Bridgeport neighborhoods, improving quality of life through affordable housing opportunities

Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust

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College of Engineering, Business, and Education

University of Bridgeport

Adjunct Professor


We improve improve and preserve the East Side neighborhood through the collaborative involvement of residents, businesses, and government.

East Side NRZ

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We increase the economic opportunities for the region by acting to create an environment for business expansion, retention, and recruitment that will result in jobs and tax base growth.

Bridgeport Regional Business Council

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Humanities Department

Housatonic Community College

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